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What is the MOQ of your wine cooler? Will you accept the small quantity for our trial order?

Normally MOQ is 40HQ or negotiation,before placing bulk order,you can buy sample for your testing quality first and we will support you a small order test the market if you need.The tall container can be combined with different wine cellar models of wine or humidor. A 20GP generally only accepts one type of wine cooler. According to the size of the wine cooler product, a 20GP wine cellars can only hold 20 high wine coolers, and a small size wine cooler can hold a range of 150 units. Therefore, if you choose a smaller wine cooler, you can accept one The order includes two different types of wine coolers, and the 40HQ container can hold more than half of the wine cooler products larger than 20GP. For the specific wine cooler assembly model and quantity, you can contact our wine cooler salesperson for consultation. The MOQ requirements for cabinets are also different. In order to let you know our wine cooler MOQ faster, if you are interested in Josoo wine cooler and humidor or want to buy samples, please click to send an inquiry online, contact us, and quickly get the quotation and combination plan of the wine cooler. Thank you very much for your inquiry, Josoo looks forward to working with you.

What are the delivery terms for your wine cooler

Josoo wine cooler cellar factory trade method: generally we do FOB, if necessary we can accept EXW, CIF, CNF. Trade terms is FOB or other terms negotiation. When doing foreign trade, there are three types of payment methods: L/CLetterofCredit, T/TTelegraphicTransfer, and D/PDocumentagainstPayment. Among them, L/C is used the most, T/T is the second, and D/P is less.1. L/C letter of credit is the most commonly used payment method in international trade. It is an S/C guaranteed by the bank. As long as you follow the terms of this contract one by one, and provide the corresponding documents to the bank, the money must be paid to you. So it should be said that the letter of credit is theoretically a very safe payment method. A reliable letter of credit can even be used as collateral to get a bank loan to facilitate the seller's capital turnover, that is, "letter of credit package loan". But in practice, letters of credit are sometimes not so safe. The reason is that there may be soft clauses in the letter of credit that are difficult for you to do, causing artificial discrepancies.2. The operation of T/T by wire transfer is very simple. It can be divided into pre-T/T and post-T/T. The pre-T/T means that after the contract is signed, a part of the deposit is paid first, usually 30%, and the production is completed. , notify the payment, pay the balance, then ship the goods and deliver the full set of documents. 3D/P D/P is a method of delivering documents under the documentary collection method, which points out that the exporter's presentation is conditional on the importer's payment, that is, the importer can collect the documents from the collecting bank only after the payment is made. Divided into spot delivery, etc. References Foreign trade settlement.

Do you supply wine cooler sample to test first?

Yes,sure.You can buy wine cooler fridge sample for your testing quality first About wine cooler sample testBefore confirming the order for wholesale customized wine coolers, customers generally ask to take a pre-production wine cooler sample for performance testing. For different models, the quantity of wine cooler samples can be confirmed according to the customer's requirements. There are no problems in all aspects. , will reach a cooperation with the supplier to confirm the production order of the wine cabinet.For samples, the Josoo system has very strict requirements. Each sample needs to be tested in the laboratory. At the same time, the condensation test and aging test are carried out on the production line of the wine cooler. Only after the quality inspection department confirms all the samples can be sent to the customer. , to ensure that the wine cabinet samples are consistent with the bulk. Josoo Refrigeration Laboratory is authorized by BV to synchronize with the certified test data, ETL, CE, CB, REACH and other certifications

Can we put our brand logo on your product and artwork?

Of course! All of product can put your logo.We call that is OEM service.Some customers asked us if we can print LOGO on the wine cellar cabinet?Yes, in fact, whether it is a retailer or a wholesaler, we can flexibly print LOGO for customers. Generally, the position of LOGO screen printing is on glass doors, stainless steel doors, and control panels.There are several ways of LOGO printing, laser silk screen printing on the stainless steel door body, plastic label sticking on the door, or display in the middle of the two-layer glass door, etc.In order to highlight the uniqueness of the wine cooler fridge cabinet brand, the brand owners of the wine cellar and drink cooler fridge cabinet generally have their own unique LOGO location and silk screen printing process.For customers in the gift channel who require printing LOGO on the body of the wine cooler, our suggestion is to evaluate the suitable wine cooler according to the size of the LOGO, and then give the correct product recommendation for the refrigerator.

What is the lead time for bulk wine cooler order ?

Production time of wine cooler : It is about 40-50 days after received deposit.Custom Wine Cabinet OrderThe delivery time of wine coolers is the most concerned issue for many customers. In order to ensure the smooth production of orders, it is very important for wine cooler manufacturers to manage downstream suppliers. A stable supply chain can efficiently improve production time and shorten wine cooler production time. Josoo Most of the accessories of the wine cooler production factory are produced by themselves. After purchasing raw materials, they are produced by themselves. There are glass craft workshops, hardware workshops, injection molding workshops, foaming workshops, and assembly workshops. At present, the daily production capacity of Josoo is 1,000 wine coolers. In the future, it will increase the investment in wine technicians and operators and production lines. At present, the monthly production capacity of MOQ wine refrigerators is 10,000 units, and the monthly production capacity is expected to be 50,000 units after future expansion. Above, below MOQ5000, the delivery time is basically about 40 days,