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Can I buy different models of wine cooler in the 40HQ container ?

Can I buy different models of wine cooler in the 40HQ container ? Yes .  Please consult us about the MOQ quantity of the wine fridge cabinet.The tall container can be combined with different wine cellar models of wine or humidor. A 20GP generally only accepts one type of wine cooler. According to the size of the wine cooler product, a 20GP wine cellars can only hold 20 high wine coolers, and a small size wine cooler can hold a range of 150 units. Therefore, if you choose a smaller wine cooler, you can accept one The order includes two different types of wine coolers, and the 40HQ container can hold more than half of the wine cooler products larger than 20GP. For the specific wine cooler assembly model and quantity, you can contact our wine cooler salesperson for consultation. The MOQ requirements for cabinets are also different. In order to let you know our wine cooler MOQ faster, if you are interested in Josoo wine cooler and humidor or want to buy samples, please click to send an inquiry online, contact us, and quickly get the quotation and combination plan of the wine cooler. Thank you very much for your inquiry, Josoo looks forward to working with you.

How is the quality of your wine cooler ? Standard / Medium / High?

Our wine coolers with Medium and high quality .The Josoo factory only produces high-end quality wine coolers, all of which are certified to international standards.The quality of the wine cooler comes from consumer evaluation. We can judge the difference in the quality of the wine cooler from the following points:1. The appearance of the wine cabinet,2. The number of bottles in the wine cooler3. The temperature control range of the wine cooler: The temperature control range is the range of the lowest temperature and the highest temperature that the refrigeration system can control constantly.4. Humidity control technology of the wine cooler: The built-in fan promotes air flow and virtuous circulation to ensure that the temperature of different spaces in the wine cooler box is uniform and stable.5. The compressor model of the wine cooler6. The craft details of the wine cabinet8. Certification of wine coolers9. The structure of the wine cabinet, the temperature area is the area where the temperature is relatively consistent. Wine cabinets can be divided into single temperature zone wine cabinets, double temperature zone wine cabinets and multi-temperature zone wine cabinets, of which the first two are more common.10. Factory strength of wine cooler

What is the standard of the wine cooler bottle for bottles capacity?

The standard of the wine cooler bottle  The josoo wine cooler bottle is according to the international standard,which is 750ml bottle with 76mm diameter,300mm height.The specifications of the main wine bottles on the market are as follows: 175ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1.5L, 3L, etc., of which the standard red wine bottle is 750mlThere is a fixed value for the bottle size of Bordeaux wine. Generally, the diameter of the bottle body is 73.6+-1.4 mm, the outer diameter of the bottle mouth is 29.5+-0.5 mm, the inner diameter of the bottle mouth is 18.5+-0.5 mm, the bottle height is 322+-1.9 mm, the bottle height is 184mm, and the bottle bottom is 16mm. These values ​​are fixed, the net content of a bottle of Bordeaux is 750ml.There are many sizes of wine bottles. The number of bottles that can be placed in the wine cabinet of Josoo is designed according to the international standard bottle size. The height of the bottle of the same specification is different, and the quantity that can be placed in the cabinet of the wine cabinet is different. , the shelves can be placed on each other, vertically, stacked, etc. The placement methods are different, and the number of shelves also has a certain influence. We generally inform customers that the storage method of the wine cabinet is opposite and stacked. . The customer according to the size of the standard bottle capacity. When a customer inquires about a wine cooler with 15-33 bottles, we generally recommend it to the customer according to the size of the standard bottle capacity.According to the market: the size of the standard wine bottle used:The diameter of the bottle is 73.6mm, the inner diameter is about 18.5mm, the height is about 315mm, and the capacity is 750ml.

Is the door of the wine cooler reversible?

Wine cooler reversible door The door of the wine cooler can be opened from the left side or the right side or reversible(both sides opening),which is made as your request.What are the benefits of a wine cabinet with interchangeable doors?After our customers sell the wine cooler, if it is installed under the counter, they will guide consumers to install it. The kitchen design is different. Considering whether the door opening direction after the wine cooler is installed is smooth, the stainless steel handle is installed, and the Josoo wine cooler can be produced during production. The built-in wine cabinet will have the position of the exchange door as standard, which is convenient for the switching of the door opening direction of the wine cabinet. At the same time, we also have after-sales guidance videos that are convenient for customers to purchase wine coolers, and shoot videos of wine cooler technicians swapping doors on the spot, as well as methods and precautions when changing doors. If you don't understand, you can contact us and we will answer you online.

What Type of Wine Coolers Are There?

Title There are two types of wine coolers: free-standing and built-in wine coolers. Freestanding wine cellar cooling unit cooler are designed to stand alone and not be incorporated into any part of a kitchen etc.  These should not be used as a built-in wine cooler as the heat is dissipated from the rear of the unit which is also where the cooler air is drawn in; if the warm air cannot escape around the unit, this will indefinitely lead to overheating.  A built-in wine cooler is very similar to a freestanding unit in that it sits on the floor. These units have vents to the front and fans located directly underneath the unit to draw cool air in and expel warm air out of either side of this vent. Built in units are generally used as under counter wine coolers as they come in a variety of sizes to fit under most counter tops, for the wine connoisseur or interior designers.Many customers directly ask us what types of wine cabinets do we have?The Josoo wine cooler manufacturer has an engineering and technical team with more than 20 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Before launching a new product, we will evaluate it based on customer feedback and market conditions. Accepted wine cooler products.Semiconductors have begun to be phased out for the popular wine cooler styles and wine cooler cooling modes on the market. Josoo wine cooler factory specializes in developing compressor-type refrigerated wine coolers. You are welcome to contact us!

What color of the LED light in the wine cooler can be option?

Wine cooler light standard Wine cooler factory standard is white color, you can also request bule color as your perference. Choose white or bule color for LED light.The standard color of Josoo wine cooler cabinet products is white, and the light position can be top-lit and side-lit.Soft Interior white and blue LightingOpen the wine cooler , turn on the energy-efficient LED light to gently illuminate your collection. The Wine Cellar that Fits in your Kitchen - Preserve Wine’s Fullest Flavor & Aroma. Say goodbye to harsh fluorescent bulbs that fade labels and affect flavor. Wine cooler light standard Blue / White LED lightTraditional light bulbs are not only unsightly, but also consume electricity, Josoo wine cooler adopts energy-saving LED light, adjust the temperature and turn on the light by tapping the digital display. Turn on the white LED light and the soft and bright LCD display allows you to check the temperature even in the dark. This kind of energy-saving lamp is very energy-saving, negligible,

What’s the difference between single and dual zone wine coolers?

What’s the difference between single and dual zone wine coolers? Single zone wine coolers have one temperature control and the storage space is undivided, so the whole wine cooler is set to the same temperature. This style is best if you tend to keep only white or only red wines, since they don’t have the same optimal temperatures. Dual zone wine coolers have two temperature controls and the storage space is divided into two sections which may be set to their own temperatures. This style is ideal for keeping both reds and whites without resorting to two wine coolers.What is the best way to store white and red wines in the same cooler?Typically, white wines should be stored in the temperature range of 5°C(46°F) to 13°C(56°F )and red wines will be stored between 14°C( 58°F) to 20°C(68°F). The best way to accommodate both wines within the same unit is to purchase a dual zone wine fridge.A dual zone cooler will allow you to maintain two distinct and separate temperature zones within the same cooler. Many times a wine refrigerator dual zone unit will offer a larger storage capacity for one style of wine over the other so be sure to purchase the unit that best suits your individual drinking preference. You may of course store both red and white wines together in a single zone unit.By placing your red wines in the top shelves of the unit you will be storing them in the warmest section of the cooler. There is usually only a 5 to 8 degree temperature difference between the top of a single zone wine cooler and the bottom so ultimately either your red wines will be too cold or your whites too warm depending on how you choose to set the master thermostat of the unit.

What is your wine cooler cooling system?Thermoelectric or Compressor-Based Wine Coolers?

Compressor type wine cooler  All our models are compressor type wine cooler with refrigenrant R600a.The Benefits of Compressor CoolingCompressor wine coolers offer their own set of positives. Keep in mind the following points to help guide your search for a new wine cooler.Powerful Operation:Compressor cooled wine refrigerators have a much more powerful cooling capacity than thermoelectric wine refrigerators, which is why most built-in units use a compressor. This is also the reason you’ll see more large-capacity units with compressor cooling functions.Handles High Capacities:Because of its powerful cooling, compressor cooling can handle wine refrigerators that have large wine bottle capacities. This is ideal for people with large wine collections or full wine cellars.Adapts to Environmental Stress:Compressor cooled wine refrigerators can better adapt to varying temperatures and extra heat loads, keeping a stable internal temperature despite environmental conditions. Consider this feature if you plan to keep your bottles in your basement or another uninsulated area.What exactly is thermoelectric cooling?Many smaller wine coolers employ thermoelectric cooling instead of using a traditional compressor and refrigerant. A thermoelectric wine cooler contains a cooling node consisting of a ceramic tile that has electrical current passed through it. As the electrical current is passed through the cooling node the outside of the tile will heat up and the other side (the side facing into the cooler) will cool down. Typically, a thermoelectric wine cooler will contain small fans inside the unit which help to evenly distribute the cool temperatures being created by the node throughout the interior of the unit.Which is the Best Option for You?In order to determine which wine cooler is best for your needs, you’ll have to pinpoint what your future wine cooler’s primary function will be. If you need storage for a case of wine, give or take a few bottles, a thermoelectric wine refrigerator will be the perfect option for you. If you’re looking to store a large collection for a longer amount of time, a compressor wine cooler will suit you best.Also, if you want to build your wine cooler into your cabinetry or store it under a counter, you will be better off with a compressor cooled unit. To put it simply, you can count on thermoelectric wine coolers to be smaller capacity, meaning they will likely be freestanding units, while you can count on compressor wine coolers to be larger capacity and likely to be built-in units. This is especially important to remember if you are remodeling your kitchen to include your new purchase. That being said, remember that it is always possible to make any unit work in almost any space.

What is the difference between a freestanding wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler?

What is the difference between a freestanding wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler? A  freestanding wine cooler is designed to stand alone while a built-in wine cooler ( or called under-counter wine cooler) is designed to be built into existing counters and cabinetry as they include a front vent located under the door that channels heat forward away from the unit.But a  built-in wine cooler also can be used as freestanding,put is stand alone .So customers can choose freestanding or built-in wine cooler as their demands.Freestanding wine coolers can be placed independently in any space, flush wine coolers can be placed under countertops or in kitchen components, and built-in wine coolers can be placed in recessed spaces. Different designs provide you with a variety of possibilities to meet different installation configurations, so that the wine cabinet can be perfectly integrated with the indoor environment.China Zhongshan Josoo Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wine cellar cabinets, constant temperature wine fridge cabinets, constant humidity wine cabinets, and high-end wine cabinets. It has many years of constant humidity and constant temperature technology: open real constant humidity, constant temperature, negative ion purification system in the cabinet, glass door decondensation dew

How to adjust the right temperature to store different wine?

How to adjust the right temperature to store different wine? For collecting or aging white wine and red wine, they should be stored at about 12-14 celsius degree. The double temperature zone wine cooler  can separate red wine and white wine.Single temperature zone wine coolerIn order to use a single temperature zone wine cooler to store red wine and white wine at the same time, it is best to adjust the temperature to 12-14 celsius degree. Different types of single temperature area wine coolers have their own ideal temperature setting,our wine cooler setting temperature range is 5-20 celius degree.  The temperature at 12 celsius degree can ensure a moderate temperature for red wine in case that the quality of wine should not be affected only with its ripening process being slowed down even this temperature is much too lower for some kinds of red wine. Double temperature zone wine coolerWe may use double temperature zone wine cooler to store white wine and red wine for taste by independently adjusting the temperature of two areas. Temperature of the area used for storing red wine can be set at 10-18 celsius degree, while temperature of area for storing white wine can be set at 7-10 celsius degree. So, the choice depends on your use . Of course, the dual zone wine cooler can make your use more flexible, meeting your demands for storage and taste at the same time.

What is the ambient temperature condition to use the wine cooler ?

Title Our wine cooler setting temperature is 5~20°C,it can be used at ambinet temperature from 8°C~38°C(41-68°F),climate class is N,SN,ST.Some models we can do T class,which is the aminet temperature reach 43°C.At this range ambinet temperture,the wine cooler can be normal use and cooling temperature  range is 5-20°C。If the ambinet temperature higher than 43°C,the wine cooler cooling temperature can not down to 5°C,it may be can just down to 8°C。So users need to use the wine cooler in the normal ambinet temperature. 1. Generally, the setting temperature of the double-temperature zone wine fridge cabinet  refers to the type of stored wine. For household red wine and white wine, the temperature is 12°C and 8°C respectively. For commercial use, only one type of wine may be stored, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.2. The double-temperature constant temperature wine cabinet has two temperature zones. Generally, the upper temperature zone is 5 to 14 degrees, and there are other wine cabinets that are 5 to 12 degrees. The temperature of the main storage white wine is between 12 and 14 degrees. The lower temperature zone is 15 to 22 degrees, and the suitable storage temperature for red wine is between 15 and 18 degrees.3. 5~20° adjustable range. The temperature adjustment methods of the compressor wine cabinet are generally divided into two types: mechanical temperature control and electronic temperature control. The mechanical temperature control is controlled by a mechanical thermostat, generally divided into 4-5 gears, each gear is 2-3 ℃, the temperature control is not very accurate, but the stability is high and the use time is long. The electronic temperature control is controlled by the computer board, with a display screen, and the temperature can be adjusted every degree.