What Type of Wine Coolers Are There?

What Type of Wine Coolers Are There?

What Type of Wine Coolers Are There?

There are two types of wine coolers: free-standing and built-in wine coolers. 

Freestanding wine cellar cooling unit cooler are designed to stand alone and not be incorporated into any part of a kitchen etc.  

These should not be used as a built-in wine cooler as the heat is dissipated from the rear of the unit which is also where the cooler air is drawn in; if the warm air cannot escape around the unit, this will indefinitely lead to overheating.  

A built-in wine cooler is very similar to a freestanding unit in that it sits on the floor. These units have vents to the front and fans located directly underneath the unit to draw cool air in and expel warm air out of either side of this vent. 

Built in units are generally used as under counter wine coolers as they come in a variety of sizes to fit under most counter tops, for the wine connoisseur or interior designers.

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