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Are You Worried About These?


Comprehensive product testing to ensure product quality. 

•Customized Design

JOSOO has its own engineering research and development team, which collects market trends information to design more innovative wine coolers and cigar coolers, and produces a new product every two months on average. Of course, if you have your own design ideas, we can also work together.

Wine Cooler Cellar Design
Wine Cooler Cellar Price

We have taken the price factor into consideration when developing and designing.

Improve price competitiveness:

1.Raw materials, our factory produces raw materials by itself, saving time and cost of procurement, and at the same time,keep the quality under control.

2.Technology, we innovate in technology, expand the differentiation of products, and significantly strengthen the unique competitiveness.


International relations are complex, transportation costs are uncontrollable, and quotation risks are high. We have stable logistics and transportation channels and rich experience in foreign trade exports, so we can provide you with one-stop transportation services.

Wine Cooler Cellar Transportation
Wine Cooler Cellar Quality and Service
Quality and Service

The core of product quality control, the requirements for factories are very high, JOSOO has three major systems  certifications, BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001.Learn more >>>

Factory Strength

As a professional wine cooler buyer, if you have customized needs, we can provide you with one-to-one customized design, fast drawing (3-5 days), fast mold (30 days), fast model (25 days).

Wine Cooler Cellar Factory Strength