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Are You Worried About These?


To serve you better, give priority to recommend new products for you, collect market feedback to recommend hot-selling products for you, can provide no LOGO pictures (shooting), wine cooler operation video.

Professional Team
Professional Sales Service

Even if you don't know much about wine cooler products, we have displayed a wealth of product knowledge on the JOSOOCOOLER website. You can bookmark our website and update new blog content regularly to make you know more about wine coolers and fall in love with JOSOO wine cooler. The sales staff of JOSOO regularly participate in the training of wine cooler knowledge.

Wine Cellar Stable Quality
Stable Quality

Passing international inspection and certification will give you more peace of mind.

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Packaging Safe

JOSOO matches different packaging methods for different usage scenarios of the wine cooler, and at the same time does drop protection testing.

Deliver On Time
Don't worry about delivery, JOSOO has introduced a lot of automated equipment, and parts of the raw material cost of the wine cooler is also produced by ourselves. In the early product design, we consider the procurement factors, and we use technical means to optimize the production process of the wine cooler process, and do our own production, so we can achieve 10-35 days less other suppliers in terms of delivery.
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