What's the Best Temperature for a Wine Cooler?

What's the Best Temperature for a Wine Cooler?


There are a few wine storage basics every wine collector needs to know to guarantee great-tasting wine. When shopping for a wine refrigerator, keep the following elements in mind.

What's the Best Temperature for a Wine Cooler?
Whether you are new to wine collecting or have a large wine collection, you know that wine must be stored in proper conditions.

When stored at the right temperature, the wine ages gracefully and tastes amazing right out of the bottle. One of the easiest ways to ensure wine is stored at the optimum temperature is to use a wine cooler.

Wine Storage

Let's review the wine storage basics every wine collector needs to know to guarantee great-tasting wine. When shopping for a wine cooler, keep these elements in mind.

1. The ideal storage temperature for wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine ages best at consistently cool temperatures, which is why your wine cabinet must be installed in a space that doesn't fluctuate widely in temperature. Best indoors and out of direct sunlight; however, some wine coolers are designed for use in garages or basements. Modern wine coolers include a digital temperature control panel that makes it easy to set and monitor conditions inside the refrigerator.

2. Humidity is another important factor in wine storage. When wine is stored in a dry place for a long time, the cork starts to dry out and lose its seal. Once this happens, air can start seeping into the bottle and cause oxidation. One way to increase the humidity inside your wine cooler is to purchase a wine cooler with a charcoal filter or place a small dish with a damp sponge inside the wine cooler. You can monitor the humidity in your cooler with a hygrometer.

3. Wine should not be exposed to strong light, which is one of the reasons why the bottle is dark green. In addition to avoiding UV rays, choose a wine cabinet with LED lighting instead of harsh fluorescent lights. LED lighting doesn't generate heat, so when you turn on the wine cooler's interior lights to check out your collection, it won't affect the temperature.

4. Vibration is another enemy of wine, because vibration may cause chemical reactions in wine, which can affect its mouthfeel. To avoid vibration, try not to open and close the door of the wine cabinet multiple times, and place the wine cabinet in a place with little or no traffic.

5. Finally, the wine should be stored horizontally so that the liquid in the bottle is in constant contact with the cork. This helps keep the bottle airtight and prevents oxidation.

Dual Zone or Single Zone

The dual-zone wine cooler with multiple independent temperature zones provides more options for temperature control. However, not everyone needs a dual-zone wine cooler. Single-compartment wine cabinets are suitable for both white and red wine. While all wines can be stored long-term at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, each variety has its own unique serving temperature.

Dual-zone wine coolers tend to be larger than single-zone wine coolers because they have greater storage capacity. For those who like to entertain or drink wine regularly, one area of the dual-zone wine cooler can be set to serving temperature while the other remains at storage temperature.

Wine coolers are an excellent and economical storage solution for all wine lovers. Regarding temperature, a wine cooler can easily create a cellar-like environment in your home. If you have questions about wine coolers or wine storage temperatures or want to buy a wine cooler, please contact us.

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