Can Wine Coolers Control Humidity?

Can Wine Coolers Control Humidity?


You've invested in your wine collection and now you want to protect it, but is a wine cooler the best storage solution?

Can Wine Coolers Control Humidity?
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Wine prefers a space that maintains a consistently cool temperature of about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 to 70 percent relative humidity. Storage spaces should be dark and free from unnecessary movement or high foot traffic. Let's talk about how to add humidity to your wine cooler.

What is the Ideal Humidity Level for Wine?

Humidity is important for wine storage because it keeps the corks from drying out. When storing wine, the bottle should be placed on its side so that the liquid in the bottle keeps the cork moist. While the liquid inside the bottle keeps the cork sealed, proper humidity will help the cork maintain its seal to the outside. The preferred humidity level is between 50% and 70% RH. There is a risk of oxidation when the humidity is below 50% RH. If the humidity is above 70% RH, mold may start to form.

What is the Humidity of the Wine Cooler?

The wine cooler cannot generate humidity. Wine coolers are designed to resemble a standard kitchen refrigerator, but operate in the ideal temperature range for wine. A cooler's compressor system won't remove as much moisture from the air as a regular refrigerator, but it won't create moisture either. The advantage of a wine refrigerator is that it is a well-insulated environment, which means that if you create humidity inside the fridge, it will maintain those conditions.

How to Add Humidity to a Wine Cooler?

Raising the humidity inside a wine cooler is easy. First, invest in a hygrometer to measure the conditions inside the wine cooler. Hygrometers are relatively inexpensive, and you can even get ones designed for storing cigars. Leave the hygrometer in the wine cooler for 24 hours to get an accurate reading. If the humidity inside your wine refrigerator is below 50%, you need to increase the humidity.

Simple Ways to Add Humidity to Your Wine Cooler:

Supplies needed: clean unused sponge, small tray, water (distilled preferred)

1. Wet the sponge and wring it out to remove excess water.

2. Put the sponge on the small tray and place it on the bottom of the wine cooler. Water evaporates and creates humidity.

3. Wait 24 hours to see if the humidity improves.

4. If the humidity is too low, you can try to moisten the sponge with a little more water to see if the humidity rises.

5. After reaching 50% to 70% RH, rewet the sponge every 3 to 4 days.

The above briefly introduces some common problems related to the humidity of wine coolers. If you want to order wine coolers, please contact us.

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