Introduction to humidity and condensation in wine coolers

Introduction to humidity and condensation in wine coolers


The condensation problem is related to the ambient environment, temperature and humidity.

Why there is condensation?
Wine cabinet glass condensation problem is related to the ambient environment, temperature and humidity.  

Wine cooler and cigar humidor are two-layer doors, three-layer doors, and three-layer doors with LOWE. How many doors are needed for the humidity to reach?

Usually the ambient temperature goes to 32 degrees, and the humidity is greater than 70%, the wine cooler or humidor will be obvious condensation, which requires three layers of single LOWE to significantly improve the condensation phenomenon. Under the ambient temperature of 32 degrees, if the humidity is not more than 60%, usually two layers of glass will not condense. Wine cooler condensation depends on three factors: humidity, ambient temperature and the set temperature inside the box.

How to solve the problem of condensation?

Automatic defrost function -  three glass wine cooler
Three-layer glass door technology solves the problem of condensation

Humidors and beer wine coolers have been designed with an automated defrost function. The purpose of the defrosting function is to regularly remove the frost that remains on the surface of the evaporator of the refrigeration system (built-in, not visible when it is not disassembled), so as to ensure that the refrigeration system has been operating efficiently and in a good cooling state. When the machine runs for a period of time, the machine will automatically enter the defrosting state. At this time, the compressor of the cigar humidor or wine cooler will stop running, and the cooling fan in the wine cabinet will continue to run to defrost (the cigar humidor has a high adjustable temperature range due to the high temperature range). It is not easy to frost, and the fan in the box stops when defrosting). When defrosting, the temperature in the box will rise, which is not a fault. After defrosting, the cooling will be automatically resumed, and the box temperature will gradually drop to the set temperature.