About height adjustment of wine cooler

About height adjustment of wine cooler


Leveling leg,Height of leg? how much is the maximum adjustable? How much does it carry?

Leveling leg,Height of leg

The leg height is 20mm, the maximum height can be adjusted to about 12mm, the total height could reach 32mm, and the load-bearing A150 is about 120KG when filled with 53 red wine bottles, which can meet the normal use of the product. 

Usually, only the built in products under 1 meter will require height adjustment to reduce the gap between the kitchen cabinet top and the wine cooler top; other large capacity products are only fine-tuned to ensure that the ground will not sway or be basically adjusted, and will not affect the load-bearing.

Before buying a wine cabinet, if you want to embed the wine cabinet or beverage cabinet under the counter, the height of the wine cabinet is generally 820mm or 870mm. If the cabinet decoration design of your home is too high, you can adjust it by 1 cm according to the foot pad. The height of the stove makes the gap between the stove and the wine cabinet smaller, so that your kitchen looks more beautiful.