How a Cigar Humidifier Works?

How a Cigar Humidifier Works?


Since cigars are made from natural tobacco with no added chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients,

How a Cigar Humidifier Works?
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Since cigars are made from natural tobacco with no added chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, great care must be taken to preserve the flavor and quality of the cigars. Cigars that are kept too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold may not burn or taste. Proper storage can also prevent the cigar's essential oils from getting moldy, wet, or running off. This is where the humidor comes in.

they must be stored with extreme care. Proper storage can also prevent the cigar's essential oils from getting moldy, wet, or running off. This is where a humidifier for cigars comes in.

Activating the cigar humidor is the first step in establishing optimal conditions for the cigars, which can be done using a sponge or crystal system. Sponge systems use a propylene glycol solution and distilled water to provide adequate humidification performance and require weekly refills to function properly. Proper humidity levels can be maintained in a humidor by following the proper mechanism of humidification.

How do you humidify a cigar humidor?

Humidifying a humidor requires keeping the air quality clean and increasing its moisture content. The humidification process helps to establish airway homeostasis, making it ideal for cigars to maintain their natural ingredients over the long term.

Cigar humidifiers come with water filtration systems that need to be refilled or replaced, but some models are now more advanced and can automatically refill the humidifier's cartridge.

Some cigar humidifier systems use vegetable foam, crystal gel, silica beads, or humidity packs, all of which vary based on humidifier maintenance and application. Moisture is stored and released, providing consistent humidity. Another option is an electric humidifier. An electric humidifier will keep the humidity on its own. This means that weekly water refills are no longer required.

Humidifier solution: propylene glycol solution

Traditional humidors use a mechanism that uses plastic or metal with a sponge as a humidifier. It contains a special liquid called a propylene glycol solution that helps maintain the life of the humidifier while maintaining the freshness of the cigar. 

The PG humidifier solution consists of 50% distilled water and 50% food-grade propylene glycol, which acts to maintain a relative humidity of 70%. The system also has anti-fungal and anti-mildew properties at 8 ounces per ounce. If used properly, the bottle can last up to 9 to 12 months.

How to season a humidor with humidifier solution?

Step 1: Open your humidor. Use a soft cloth to apply distilled water until it is slightly damp. Wipe the inside of the humidor, but make sure not to let it get soaked, wipe down thoroughly. 

Step 2: Close the lid of the humidor for a few hours. Grab the propylene glycol solution and place it in a bowl of distilled water. Let the sponge absorb the water and wait a few seconds before removing it from the bowl. Shake properly to remove excess moisture, then place it back in the humidor.

Step 3: Place the humidor away from the sun to ensure that external heat does not interfere with the humidification process.


A hygrometer is a device found in your humidor that allows you to monitor the humidity level of your cigar without having to turn it on and off every time. Notably, the hygrometer measures the relative humidity of the box and warns you when the humidifier needs to be charged or adjusted.

Standard settings are 70% humidity and 21.1 degrees Celsius. Hygrometers come in digital or analog form and should be checked at least weekly to help establish a consistent environment for your precious cigars.

So, how does a cigar humidor work?

It's simple, after seasoning and preparing the humidor, put the cigars in it. It is recommended that you store different types of cigars separately so that their flavors do not mix. A humidifier inside the humidor will help keep the humidity at the proper level. 

You'll also want to store the humidor in a location where the temperature stays around 70 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Once you find the right spot, all you need to do is change the water in the humidor as needed. Check your hygrometer to make sure everything is in order.

How long can you keep cigars in a humidor?

The short answer, is about five years. That's assuming you've dialed everything. If your hygrometer isn't properly calibrated or you're not maintaining humidity, your cigars won't last. The flavor will develop to a point, but it's not a never-ending cycle. A ten-year-old cigar does not necessarily taste better than a five-year-old. 

Read the cigar manufacturer's recommendations. In general, all cigars should be aged for a period of time, but whether the best flavor is achieved after two or five years depends on the cigar. If you have a whole box of some cigars, smoke one every six months or so. Notice how the flavor changes. If the flavor continues to improve, continue to age. Let your taste buds be your guide.

The above briefly describes the working principle of the humidor. If you want to buy a humidor, please contact us.

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